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Delete an event (or several at once)

Delete an event

There are 2 ways to delete an event :

  • By going to the match sheet of the event, you can go to the sprocket in the upper right and click on "delete event". A confirmation will be asked, validate it.
  • In the "Calendar" tab, you can delete a particular event by placing your cursor over it, the sprocket will then appear on the right, click on it and go to "delete event".



Attention : if you delete an event, it will no longer be visible on SportEasy. The action is irreversible and you will lose all information about this event (comments, availability of players, team compo, etc.). If you want to keep information about the event and notify players of changes, you may want to postpone the event or cancel the event.

Delete several events at once

If you want to delete several events at once, go to the "Schedule (list)" page, check the boxes (left) of the events concerned and click on "Delete Selection" and confirm the deletion.


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