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Pickup games

On SportEasy, we love Pickup games ;) 

In fact, you can invite your players/friends to join your team and create recurring pickup games, in a few clicks. 

To do so, click on "Events > Add event(s)" and choose "Pickup game

You will then have the opportunity to: 

  • Set the application so it will sent automatic invitation to the recurring games (for example 3 days and 5 hours before the game)
  • Create the team lineup
  • Vote for the "man of the match
  • Rate the game & the players 
  • Enter the statistics (depending on the sport): goals, assists, tries, blocks... 
  • Tease yourselves on the forum 

Note that there is also a challenge between the players with the "raking among players" system on your pickup games creation. Players get points based on the results of the games they play.

You can manage this points system by clicking on "Events > Settings > Pickup games

Then click on "Standings" and select the number of points you want to give for each possibility (Win, Tie, Loss or Forfeit). 


As you can see you can also attribute bonus points based on the number of goals scored

Finally, don't forget to Confirm. 



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