e.g. lineup, invite players, parents ...

The various types of events

On SportEasy you can create 7 types of events: 

  • Championship season: you can create your championship on SportEasy. To do so, you should click on "Event > Add league season". Then you will have the opportunity to enter some information about the championship but also to create the whole calendar of your season. 
  • Cup: you can create cup games and indicate the round. 
  • Pickup game: it refers to the games between members of your team. You will be able to choose between two colors and set two starting teams. 
  • Exhibition game: friendly game against other teams, out of official competitions. 
  • Tournament: you can create a tournament (different games on the same event). It will be managed as a unique event regarding invitations & team composition. 
  • Practice: you can create training sessions (unique or recurring).  
  • Event: non-sporting activities like a party or a barbecue. 
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