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Create and manage pickup games

How to manage your match between friends on SportEasy?

A summary in a few words.

  • On SportEasy, you can invite your players to join the team and create your recurring "pickup games" in a few clicks; You can set the app to automatically send an invitation X days before a match to your players
  • Players only have to answer "Yes" or "No" by clicking on the buttons in the email or on the notifications of the iPhone and Android apps; Better: SportEasy automatically sends notifications to players who have not responded!
  • You can make your team compositions (red shirts against blue shirts) before the game so as not to waste time on the field
  • And you can chat on the forum of the match, vote for the best player of the match after the match, rate the scorers ...

Note that you can even start a challenge between all the players: in the settings of the pickup games, you can manage points: each player who wins a game gains 3 points, each player who gets a draw wins a point, and so on. You will be able to determine who is the best player of the group !

Note that the challenge between your players is only available in the Premium version of SportEasy (learn more about offers).

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