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Create and manage roles within your club (e.g. referee, volunteer, sporting director)

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You are an administrator of your club on SportEasy, and you want to give specific rights/accesses to different members?
You can create and assign custom "club roles" to certain members.

What are these roles for?

A 'club role' allows you to give a personalized access to SportEasy to a member of the club. A 'club role' must be associated with a specific right.

The 'Member' role is assigned by default to all members of your club who use SportEasy. The 'Restricted' right is associated with this role.

You can change the rights associated with this role but you cannot delete the role. Changing the rights for the 'Member' role will affect everyone in the club with that role.

There are 3 different rights:

  • Restricted: allows access/reading of a limited amount of club content
  • Reader: allows access/reading of a large part of the club content
  • Manager: alows access/reading AND edition of a large portion of the club content

Click on Learn More from the role editing page to see the details of these rights.

Here is a preview of the 'Club Roles' rights and permissions table.
Examples of roles (and associated rights):
  • A volunteer must be able to view the club calendar (our advice: give him the 'Reader' right).
  • A sporting director must be able to manage all the teams without being a club administrator (our advice: give him the right 'Manager').

How to create a role ?

To create a role you must :
  • be an administrator of the club
  • go to the club roster (on our website only)
  • click on the settings icon ⚙️
  • then on 'Manage roles'


On the next page, simply give each new role a name and then associate a right to it.
Just click on the trash can icon next to a role to delete it.

How to assign (or delete) a role to a member?

As a reminder, the 'Member' role is assigned by default to all members of your club who are SportEasy users. The 'Restricted' right is associated to this role.
To assign a 'club role' to one or more members, you just have to:
  • select the member(s) in your club roster by checking the box to the left of their names
  • click on the 'Grouped actions' button
  • then on 'Update club role'
  • select the role, then save the update
To modify (or delete) a role for a member, simply follow the same procedure as for assigning the role. And modify the role associated with the member.
Please note that a member must have at least the 'Member' role assigned by default.
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