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Add members to the teams of your CLUB for your new season

🏆 Feature available with our CLUB plan🏆

As admin of the club on SportEasy, you can add your players, coaches, or any type of member, to each one of the teams in your club.

This feature is particularly useful:

  • at the very beginning of your use of SportEasy CLUB
  • at the start of a new season, when you need to model your new workforce

It will preserve you from manually entering all of the member's information into their new team.


To do this :

1) Select the members of your choice in the club roster (you can filter your roster table to find your members more easily), then click on the 'Grouped actions' button and finally on 'Add to a team".


2) Select the team to which you want to add the members, as well as the role you want to give them in this team, then validate at the bottom of the page:


3) Go to your team to see that your members have been transferred there.

4) If some people are members of several teams in the club, this must be repeated until they have been assigned to all their teams.

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