e.g. lineup, invite players, parents ...

Manage your team before the game

1. Invite your players

As explained in the tutorial available at the end of this section, you can schedule automatic mailings of invitation, or carry out your invitation in 1 click from the game sheet: you just have to make your choice amongst the players in your squad, to add a message if you wish and to validate. All invited players receive an email, and if they have the mobile app, a notification on their smartphone. Notify your players via email and mobile app


2. Follow the availability in real time

You can then follow in a snap, on your computer, your tablet or mobile, the availability of players on the game sheet.


> You can manually change the status of a player by dragging and dropping them into the correct group on the game sheet (eg from "Awaiting reply" to "Absent"). If you decide not to keep a player you have invited, drag them to the "Not Selected" section.

> If you want to invite additional players, simply click on the '+' icon in the 'Actions' menu above the player list on the game sheet.

> If some players delay in answering you, do not hesitate to send them a reminder by clicking on the 'bell' icon. They will then immediately receive a new message inviting them to respond to your invitation.

3. Encourage your players and send your latest instructions

Click on the Send a message to players to send an important message to the group of your choice: the players invited, the players waiting to answer ...

The players concerned will receive an email containing your message.

You can also choose to display this message on the game sheet.


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