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Invite and remind players of events

Who can invite?

On SportEasy, coaches, player-coaches and team administrators may invite players to a match (or any other event). The players concerned will receive an email, and/or push notification on their smartphone if they use the SportEasy mobile app, and can respond on their availability.


Invitation settings

For a given event, or for all events in a category (all matches in a championship, for example), you have two options for inviting your players.

  • "Inviting all players automatically X days before the match": All players automatically receive an invitation X days before the date of the event and can indicate their availability (by default it is 5 days but you can choose what you want). Casual players will not receive this automatic invitation (you can call them manually thereafter, if you are missing players). This option is particularly useful for setting up automatic invitations for recurring events throughout the season (eg training sessions, games with friends).


  • "Choose the players I want to invite": from the event page, manually call the players of your choice whenever you want. This option is more suitable for a coach who would like to choose the most fit players a few days before a game.



You can then activate two options.

  • Check the box "Automatically remind players who do not answer" so that your players automatically receive a reminder between the first notification and the event, if there is no response
  • Check the box "first come, first serve" and fill in the desired number of participants: a waitlist will be automatically created once this number has been reached; In case of withdrawal, the 1st on the waiting list will be retained, and so on.

Note that you can choose these settings:

  • Directly when creating the event (you can then choose to apply them to all events in the category, for example, your entire league season)
  • In the event settings page (access via the sprocket in the top right corner of the match info box on the game sheet or events tab)
  • On the settings page of a category by clicking "Schedule (Calendar) > Settings > Category > invitations/alerts".

Player Responses

As a reminder, players receive an email, and a push notification on their mobile if they have the SportEasy app.

Once they receive the invitation, players can give an answer on their availability or absence:

  • By clicking on YES or NO in the email (see illustration below)
  • By clicking on the invitation push notification, and then answering YES or NO on the mobile app
  • By clicking on YES or NO directly on the game sheet, from the website or the SportEasy mobile app.

We will also make invitations by SMS possible (see dedicated article).

Real time availability monitoring

You can easily follow, on your computer, your tablet or mobile, the availability of players on the game sheet.


As a coach, you can:

  • Change the status of a player manually by dragging and dropping them into the correct group on the game sheet (eg from "Awaiting reply" to "Absent"); If you decide not to keep a player you have invited, drag them into the "Not Participating" section
  • Invite additional players by clicking on the '+' icon in the 'Actions' menu, above the list of players on the game sheet
  • Manually remind players who did not respond by clicking on the 'bell' icon in the 'Actions' menu; As for automatic restart, they will immediately receive a new email and a new mobile notification inviting them to respond to your call.
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