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Create a League Season

Thanks to the championship module, you can simply enter the entire schedule (calendar) of your league, at once or several times. If you create all the matches of each day (not just your team), you can enter the full results of each day and keep your ranking up to date!

To create your championship, click on "Calendar > Create a league season".


Choose the season concerned and enter the name of your league


Then follow the setup steps below to set up your league season in just a few minutes. 

"General Info/Teams" tab


Tip 1 : Create the venue where you will be playing your home games (or select it if it has already been created). It will then be automatically associated with every championship game played at home.

Tip 2 : The first team participating in the league is yours. Complete all the other teams in your league, which will then be offered to you during the creation of the days. You can add new opponents, or use opponents you've already created.

"Fixtures/Results" tab


In this tab you can create every single day of your league. You can choose to only create your team's matches, or you can create all the matches of the other teams in your league, which will allow you to keep an up-to-date ranking.

Note that you can apply the date and time to all games by clicking on the small arrow to the right of the first row.

IMPORTANT: do not forget to validate each day so that the information given is saved!

Tip : you can enter and validate a few days, then validate the page, and come back later to create the continuation of the league.

"Standings" tab 


In this tab, choose the points scale to apply to your league.

"Ratings/Votes" tab


Ratings and votes can be awarded after each game. You can enable or disable these options for your league or set up the members who can assign those ratings and votes and those who can see them.

"Invitations/Alerts" tab  


For convenience, you can choose between:

  • "Inviting all players automatically X days before the match": all players will automatically receive an invitation X days before the date of the event, and may indicate their availability; The casual players will not receive this automatic call-up (you can call them manually thereafter, if you need players)
  • "Choose the players I want to invite": from the events page, manually call-up the players of your choice whenever you want.

> Check the box "Automatically remind players who do not reply" so that your players automatically receive a second invitation message if there is no response.

> Check the box "First X registered players participate, the following are on waiting list" and fill in the desired number of participants: a waiting list will automatically be created once this number has been reached; In case of withdrawal, the 1st on the waiting list will be invited, and so on.

Take a look at our tutorial for more details: 

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