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Create and manage a kids tournament

1) What is a kids tournament?

This is a tournament organized by several teams made up of children from different clubs. This tournament is organized in several mini-matches, so that all the teams meet.

The scores of the matches do not count, there is no ranking.

The goal of these tournaments are simply to introduce competition to children at a beginner level, without the importance of the result.

2) Manage a tournament on SportEasy:

For some sports (football and rugby in particular), you need to create and manage a tournament on SportEasy.

It couldn't be any easier :

Create a "tournament" event, give it a name and choose the game format.


  • Once the tournament is created, you can use the "lineup" feature to keep track of the players who play each match.


3) Invitations for the tournament:

Since a tournament takes place on a single day and all participants have to go to the venue at the same time, all it take is to manage the invitation normally from the event you just created.

No need to create other events, or to manage other participant lists.

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