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End of Facebook Connect on the iPhone app (iOS)

You are a user of the SportEasy iPhone (iOS) app, and used to log in via your Facebook account? 

From now on, you will not be able to connect to our iOS app via Facebook Connect.

You can still use this login option on our Android app, or on our website.

s_parateur_niveau_1.pngWhy is this?

Because Apple has decided to impose new rules on companies like SportEasy that develop mobile applications available on iOS, we have decided to remove the option to login via Facebook (the "Facebook Connect" technology) from our app.

s_parateur_niveau_1.pngDoes this affect me?

If you are still connected to SportEasy via your Facebook account, you don't have to do anything as long as you don't log out.

Once you log out of (or want to log in for the first time on) your account on the SportEasy app, Facebook Connect will stop working, and you will need to log in following the instructions below.

s_parateur_niveau_1.pngHow do I log in to SportEasy?

The email address associated with your Facebook account will still be used to log into SportEasy.

Simply click on "Forgot your password?" and then set a new password for your SportEasy account.

Finally, login to the iOS app using your email and new personal password.

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