e.g. lineup, invite players, parents ...

Edit your email / your account data

Edit your general information

In order to edit your account's general information from the website (including your e-mail, your name or your phonenumber) , when authenticated click on "My account > My SportEasyAccount" on the top right corner of the screen. Then click the "Edit profile" button.

To change or recover your password, please see the dedicated article.

Edit information related to one specific team

Some information are specific to one given team: you can be a coach in one team and a player in another one, a defender in one and a forward in another... When you are on the website of the team for which you want to edit your information, click on your photo and name in the top right corner, then click on "edit profile". You can also select a different picture for each team.

Edit a player profile for a team in which I am a coach

As a coach, you can edit any member profile of your team. Go to "Members > Team rosters" and click on the desired member. You can also perform a batch update by clicking on the "Edit members info" icon. Please be aware that once a member has activated his SportEasy account you can no longer edit his e-mail address. The reason being that this is his personnal account, which he can be using with other teams : once a member has activated his account, it is up to him to edit his e-mail address if needed.

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