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What to do if you are not receiving e-mails from SportEasy?

1. First, please check that the e-mail address filled in on your SportEasy account is valid and still exists, and that your inbox is not full.

2. If the first step is good, please check that SportEasy e-mails are not in your Spam folder. If you find any e-mail from us here, please flag them as "Not spam", and you should receive them without a problem eventually.

3. If you don't find anything in your spam folder and your e-mail address is a professional one check that your company IT department is not filtering our messages and ask them not to block us.

4. If none of the above has worked, please contact us. It is possible that SportEasy is blocking an e-mail address for the following reasons:

  • Because yourself have flagged our e-mails as spam (by clicking on "Mark as spam" for example). We have then stopped sending you e-mails (because we really don't want to spam people).
  • Because the e-maiil address does not seem to be valid for our system despite it is valid; this can happen because of some temporary but recurring technical issues at Hotmail, or some Internet Service Providers (ISP).

For both these cases, we can "unblock" your e-mail address in order for you to receive again SportEasy messages. Please be aware that, for the first point, if you mark us as spam again, the issue will occur again.

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