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Fixing the number of participants and managing the waiting list

If you are a coach or a player-coach, you can set up the number of participants and manage the waiting list for an event or a whole category of events:

  • From the creation of an event
  • From the event settings page (sprocket in the upper right corner of the match info box on the game sheet, or sprocket at the end of the line of the events tab)
  • From the settings page of a category (Schedule/calendar > Settings > Category)


  • Tick "Cap the # of participants (first-come, first serve)"
  • Enter the desired number of participants.

If you specify "10 players" for example, the 11th player to answer will be placed on a waiting list, as will the following ones. If one of the top ten withdraws, the 11th will automatically be notified of his participation, etc.


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