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Name a team admin on SportEasy

The team founder is automatically an admin on SportEasy.

Admins have all the rights on their team, including those three that only us have: 

  • modify the team's information (name, color, logo, category...)
  • change team's subscription 
  • delete the team 

To name another admin
, the initial one should click on "Members > Team roster". Then he/she can either: 

  • click on the icon "Edit member info" on the action bar of the team roster and choose "Yes" on the Admin column 
  • or go to the profile of the member he/she wants to name admin and click on "Edit profile" in order to choose "Yes" on the admin box

Finally, note that the admin status of the members will appear on the team roster, as you can see on the following screenshot: 


 Note: there is no limit of admin number but there is always one admin minimum for each team. 

Take a look at our tutorial for more details: 

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