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The different roles on SportEasy

You are using SportEasy, and would like to know what are the different roles for?

Roles can be divided in 3 categories on SportEasy:


The Administrator role (admin)


In a team

The administrators ("admin") in a team have all the rights, including the following that they are the only ones to have:

  • Modify the data of the team (name, colors, logo, age category ...)
  • Change the SportEasy offer from the team (free version, premium version)
  • Delete the team

An admin also has a 'sports role' in the team.

The person who created the team on SportEasy is automatically the administrator. An administrator can make any other member of the team an admin, who will then have the same rights.

There is no limit to the number of admins in a team, but there is always at least one admin in a team on SportEasy.


In a club

The administrators ("admin") in a club have all the rights on the club and on the teams linked to the club.

At the club level, they can, for example:

  • create and delete teams
  • manage the list of members
  • assign members to different teams
  • create 'club roles'
  • pay the CLUB subscription

At the team level, they can, for example:

  • manage any team (add/delete players, create events, ...)
  • invite players to an event of the team
  • create and share lineups
  • edit the results and stats

Warning: As the admin has all the rights on SportEasy, you must ensure to name the right people to manage your club version. 


The sports roles (coach, player, ...)

If you are a member of several teams on SportEasy, your role obviously depends on the team (you can be coach of a team of young people and player of an adult team, for example).

A player may become a casual player or a player-coach the following season, depending on the circumstances. That is why the roles of members can change from season to season.

All team members can view team calendar, game sheets, statistics and post messages on match forums and other threads.

If you use SportEasy as a parent of a child playing in a team, you have the rights of the "player" which is that of your child, in the sense that you can respond to an invitation on his behalf for example.

There are 5 sports roles on SportEasy:



A coach has the right to manage the team (add / delete players, create / edit events, invite players to a match, make team compositions, input scores and stats ...); The only right that a coach doesn't have are those reserved for the administrators (modify the data of the team, change SportEasy offer or remove the team).



A player can be invited and given availability for events; Has individual stats (goals, tries, number of points ...).



A player-coach has the rights of the Coach and the rights of the Player.


Casual player

A casual player is not part of your main team, but can be invited when you miss players; For example, you can activate the automatic calling of all your "players" before each match, and manually select among your "casual players" in case you are missing participants.



A  friend has 'reading' rights on the :
  • Calendar, events/game sheets
  • Event messages (he can write messages in these forums, and even create a discussion)
  • Team and players stats
  • Roster
A friend has no 'writing' rights (except for the messages), that is to say that he cannot be invited to events and/or update his availability status for an event.

A "friend" can be a fan, a former player...


The custom roles

You want to create custom roles on SportEasy to manage the rights and accesses of differents members at the team, or a the club level?

You can create 'club roles'.

There is no way to create 'team roles' yet. 

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