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Add & edit columns on the team roster

🏆 Feature available in our PREMIUM or CLUB plan 🏆

As a coach or admin, i want to add new information about my players. 

If you want to follow specific information about your players, you may know that you can add columns to the team roster. The information provided will appear on the team roster and player's profile. 

Here is the procedure to add columns to your team roster: 

  • Click on "Members > Team roster" 
  • Click on the icon "Edit columns"


  • Click on "Add column" 
  • Don't forget to "Confirm"


As you can see on this screenshot, you have the opportunity to make the information visible to "all team members", "to coaches only" or to the admins. 

Finally, you should also know that you can modify the column order by click-and-drag the column of your choice. 

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