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Collections: Does it cost my club?

As a club admin, i want to collect payments with the Collections feature.

 Are there any fees for online payments from my members?

  • Yes, there are some fees

To ensure 100% secure online payments, SportEasy has partnered with Stripe - the world's leading online payment processor.

Stripe systematically charges a fee for each online payment made by one of your members.

  • But the club doesn't have to pay this fee

When creating your payment collection, you can choose between:

s_parateur_niveau_1.pngThe tip system

SportEasy allows you to use the Collections feature without charging your sport association. Your members will have the option to leave a tip for SportEasy to cover the commission. 

They can choose not to tip, but in this case the Stripe fee will be paid by SportEasy. Without these tips, we lose money on every payment.

This is a risk we are willing to take to allow your association to use our service for free.

We rely on the generosity of your members.

How the tipping system works :

  • Create a new collection in your club or club team
  • List your different rates
    • No fees will be deducted from the payments
    • You will collect 100% of the amount paid by your members

When paying for something online, your members can freely change the amount they leave as a tip for us to cover the commissions.



Fixed commissions

For a payment made on SportEasy in France/Euro this fee is 1.3% of the amount paid.

SportEasy has negotiated directly with Stripe to reduce this rate as much as possible, and save you money. As a result, we offer the lowest rate on the market.

Online payments on the internet are highly regulated. Solutions that can handle these payments - like our partner Stripe - are rare.

By paying bank and management fees, you guarantee the security of your transactions.

You can charge these fees to the club (e.g. charge €100 and receive €98.7), or charge them to the participant (e.g. charge €101.3 and receive €100).


Tip Sytem or Fixed commission, how to choose?

By default, any new collection created works with the tip system.

You can change the system in the membership settings to apply a club-paid commission system instead of the tip system.


⚠️ The change in commission system will apply to your future collections. Payment collections already created will keep the commission system they originally had.

For example: If you had created payments before the tip system was introduced, those memberships will continue to operate on the club-paid commission system.

Your future collections will default to the tip system.

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