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Get an invoice/bill for my subscription

You have a subscription on SportEasy?

Thank you for allowing us to help you manage your team, or club!

Find out how to download an:


Invoice for a PREMIUM (team) subscription

As the administrator of your team, you can download the invoice for the yearly (or monthly) PREMIUM subscription of this team.

You can download any invoice of a valid (or past) PREMIUM subscription at any time :


From the website (if subscription paid via the website) 💻

You just paid for a monthly or yearly PREMIUM subscription to SportEasy. And now you need an invoice.

By default, only the name of the team will appear on the invoice.

If it's sufficient for you, just:

  • go to the settings icon from the main menu (only on our website)
  • click on Subscription
  • on the following page, click on Invoice next to the transaction of your choice

A pdf will automatically be downloaded.

If you want to add an address to the invoice, just:

  • go to the settings icon from the main menu (only on our website)
  • click on Edit team
  • on the following page, edit the Address associated to the team

This address will then be added to the invoice to be downloaded.




From your mobile phone (if subscription paid via the iOS or Android mobile app) 📱

The team's PREMIUM subscription was paid for via our mobile app?

The invoice can only be downloaded by the admin who paid for this subscription from his personal phone.

This is because Apple (iOS app) or Google (Android app) respectively charge you and bill you for the PREMIUM SportEasy subscription via their integrated payment tool on your phone.

It is therefore one or the other of these companies that issues your invoice.

You should receive from them, by email, a confirmation of the debit related to the subscription (usually monthly) with an invoice.

If there is no invoice in the subscription/automatic renewal email, you should be able to retrieve a new one from your device.

Example of invoice retrieval on iOS:

  • From your device, go to the "Settings" application and search for "iTunes Store and App Store".
  • Select your Apple ID, then touch "View" the Apple ID.
  • Look for the "Purchase History" option. This will give you access to all your purchases (even free apps). For each subscription (in-app purchase) you will find an invoice.


Invoice for a CLUB subscription

You have just paid for a CLUB subscription to SportEasy. And now you need a bill.

Just follow these steps:

  • go to the settings icon from the main menu of the club (only on our website)
  • click on Manage my subscription
  • go to the bills tab
  • on the following page, click on to download the bill of your choice

A pdf. file will automatically be downloaded.


If you want to edit the address for the bill just go to the settings tab.


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