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Unblock a member email

As a coach or admin, you will receive emails indicating that SportEasy can't send emails to one (or more) of your team members anymore. You will also see that on the team roster 

An email can be "blocked" on SportEasy for the three following reasons: 

  • the email address is no longer "valid" (ex: an professional email address which no longer exists, a deleted email address...). 
  • the email address is "invalid" to our server but not in reality. It can happen sometimes due to temporary but repetitive technical issues with free, bbox, gmail... etc. 
  • the member indicated that our emails were "spams" so we don't send him/her emails anymore (in order to not spam people). 

In the first case, you need to change the email address. In other cases, please contact us so that we can "unblock" this email address. 

Warning: if the member indicated that our emails are "spams", you should tell him/her to not choose "report as spam" when he/she receives new emails from our service. 

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