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Different methods of payment

Online payment by credit card, 100% safe 

Online payment is the best option to subscribe to the Premium version of SportEasy. Our partner Adyen, is one of the leaders in online payments by credit card. 

To subscribe and pay by credit card, click on the sprocket on the right of your team's menu and on "Manage subscription". Then, choose the offer you want to subscribe and you will access to the payment page.
It's the easiest and quickest way to pay because everything is automated. 

Note that we accept all types of credit cards (Mastercard, Visa...). 


What if your team/club hasn't any credit card?

As an information, lots of team's managers pay with their personal credit card and get reimbursed by their clubs after that. That is, again, the easiest and quickest way. 

But if this is not possible, you can: 

  • Send us a cheque at SportEasy order to this address: 6 Rue Claude Farrère, 75016 Paris (please contact us before to let us know). And don't forget to put your team's name. 
  • Pay by bank transfer (contact us to get our RIB)  

We will also give the opportunity to fulfill a direct debit authorization from your association's account online, very soon. This will helps automate the process if you don't have any credit card. 




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