e.g. lineup, invite players, parents ...

Differences between Free & Premium versions

On SportEasy, you can choose between two versions: Free & Premium. 

However, you have access to all SportEasy functions for one free trial month after your team's subscription (see free trial period section below).


s_parateur_niveau_1.pngFree Version

Our free version allows you to manage your team's daily life: trainings & games schedule, invitations to these events, team's line-up, messages, etc.

Note that you have advertising banners on this version. 

Premium Version 

The Premium version which costs €8/month or €60/year is without advertising and also contains: 

  • all the statistics datas (for the players & team)
  • detailed report of the player's attendance (delays, excusable & inexcusable absences...)
  • tasks assignment
  • unlimited pictures storage 
  • many more features to come 

Click here to see how you can manage your subscription. 


Free Trial Period 

After your team's creation on SportEasy, you will have a one-month free trial period. This means that you will have access to all the functions of SportEasy for one month. 

Note that after this free trial period, you will automatically be transferred to the Free version of SportEasy, unless you choose and pay for the Premium one. 


For many teams & clubs 

If you are in charge of many different teams on SportEasy, do not hesitate to contact us because we can offer discounts on the team's price. 

If it concern different teams of the same club, then our Club version (which costs €3 per member per year) would probably be more suitable. 

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