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Parent/child management

Parent/child management is an essential feature of SportEasy for youth teams. It allows the association of:

  • Two parent accounts (and thus the email of both parents) to a child profile
  • Two child profiles (two brothers for example) to the same parent account.

Here is an explanation of how it works (in 1 video or 3 paragraphs below).


Invite players' parents from the start

If you are a coach, when you add members to your workforce, you will see a "Email of parent" column on the right.

  • You can add the email of one of the parents to your players profile
  • The parent concerned will receive a message to register and join the team
  • They can then manage the availability of their child and communicate with the team


Associate a parent account with a previously created child profile

You can associate a parent account from a child's profile page:

  • Either as a team coach
  • Or as a parent, if your email was defined as the child's email (so you already have access to that child's profile).

On the child's profile, click on "Add a parent", then fill in the form: role (father, mother ...), first name, last name, email, telephone.


The parent concerned receives an email and can then create his / her SportEasy account, or attach the child's profile to his existing SportEasy account. The child's team will appear on the "My Account" page of the parent, under "My children's teams".

Note: If the parent's e-mail had previously been placed on the child's profile directly (not as an e-mail of the parent), follow the same procedure for adding a parent, the email will go from Profile of the child to that of the parent automatically.

You can also add / invite parents from the team roster (columns "Parent 1", "Parent 2").

Multiple Parents for One Child, Multiple Children for One Parent

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, note that you can attach as many parents as you want to the profile of a child (typically, father and mother).


Alternatively, you can link the same parent to another child on the team or to another team. Paul's father (who plays in the Galaxy U10 team) and Lucas (who plays in the Galaxy U12 team) will see, on the "My account" page, under the heading "the teams of my children ":

  • Galaxy U10 (Paul)
  • Galaxy U12 (Lucas)

For children who already have their own email address

Are you a parent of a pre-teen / teenager who wishes to have access to his / her SportEasy account with his / her own email address?

No problem. You can easily edit the child's email address on his or her profile or from the team roster. He can then, like his parents, consult his account and communicate with his team.

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