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Join a team

To join a team, you must ask the team leader to invite you. You will then receive an email in which you just have to click on "Join my team".


Once you click on "Join My Team", there are two options:

  • If you do not already have a SportEasy account, create your account via the left part of the form (the first name, the name and the email are already filled in, just add the password of your choice); You can also click on "Connect with Facebook" if you want to use your Facebook account to connect to SportEasy
  • If you already have a SportEasy account, please log in to your existing account by filling in the right part of the form ("Do you already have a SportEasy account?") Or by clicking "Connect with Facebook" if you used your Facebook account to Create your SportEasy account; The new team will be attached to your existing account.


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