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How to manage a "multi" team group?

If you manage a group of players corresponding to different teams (for example teams 1 & 2), you can choose one of those two following options on SportEasy: 

  1. The first one is adapted for coaches who don't want to label a player "team's 1 member" or "team's 2 member". You can thus create one team on SportEasy to manage your entire group. You will have the opportunity to create common trainings and different championships (for example "Championship team 1" and "Championship team 2"). For each game, you will choose who you want to convene to the team's 1 game and who you want to convene for the team's 2 game. 

  2. The second one is the most suitable option if you have a clear separation between team 1 and team 2. You can create different teams on SportEasy knowing that changing teams is very easy by clicking on "My teams" on the top right corner. 
    In team 1 you give the "player" status to the ones who play in this team and the "Occasional player" status to the ones who help the team 1 from time to time. Same for team 2. This will give you the opportunity to manage two totally different groups. 

Note: If you create automatic invitations to a team event, you will invite only the "players" of that team (not the "occasional" ones, that you can invite later manually, if you want to). 

If you manage a club of several teams, you should look at our club version article

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