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Collections : Collecting payments for memberships

Each new season is marked by the re-registration of old club members, or the registration of new players. This is a very important time for all clubs and we know how busy this period can be for the managers. 

As a club administrator, you can now centralise the follow-up of memberships and receive payments from your players. 

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I create my first membership campaign

In my team/club, I click on the Collections tab in the main menu to create my first campaign. I then choose Memberships.


  • I am asked to specify the name of the membership, as well as a period of validity of the membership.

This is not the length of time participants will be able to pay, but the length of time they will have access to the service my club is selling them.

To fill in this field, I can ask myself the following questions, depending on my needs: How long will my member's licence be valid? What is the duration of the stay/course? On what date(s) will the tournament/match take place?


  • I then list the different prices offered by my club in my membership fee schedule.

I add as many different prices as necessary. I can have a rate for adults and a rate for children for example.


  • I create forms to fill in by members, the following article helps you to create your forms: Creating and managing forms


  • Finally, I precise whether members can use another means of payment than the bank card (e.g.: cash, cheque, or with a sports pass...) for their membership: 


⚠️ Before I can invite my members to my membership campaigns, I have to authenticate my account by adding my bank information.

Once my account is validated, I can directly invite any or all of the members - listed in my team on SportEasy - to participate in my membership campaign.


What banking information do I need to provide?

To ensure the security of my financial transactions, SportEasy has partnered with Stripe

Your team's bank details are those provided by the club. 

1. My club has validated its account on Stripe :

I can create my membership campaign. The funds will go to the bank account that the club has entered on Stripe. 

2. My club has not yet validated its account on Stripe:

One of the club admins must validate this step. The list of documents to provide is specified in the following article: What documents should I provide to authenticate my account?

⚠️ I will only be able to collect payments once Stripe has validated my account.



Are there any fees? 

In order to secure the payments made by your members, we use Stripe to manage these transactions, which charges 1.3% of the payments made. 

You can choose to pay this fee yourself or use our tipping system. 

Your members can choose not to leave anything, but in this case the Stripe fee will be paid in full by SportEasy. Without these tips, we lose money on every payment.

This is a risk we are willing to take to allow your association to use our service for free.

All the detailed explanations are in the following article: Collecting payments: How much does it cost for my club?

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