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Collections: payment in instalments

As a club administrator, I have created a payment collection and I want to allow my members to pay in several instalments.

When you create your collections, you can allow or disallow payments in several instalments by ticking the box at the payment stage :

You can also modify an already created membership from its settings :

For more details :


Setting up monthly payments

In order to simplify the management of payments, a member can now pay his collection fee in 3 monthly instalments every 30 days. 

Example: On September 1st, I invite members to participate in a membership campaign at the rate of 100€. 

The member who selects to pay in instalments will pay in the following instalments: 

  • September 1st: 33,66€.
  • 1st October: 33.66€
  • 1st November: 33.67€


What are the costs for my club?

To ensure 100% secure online payments, SportEasy has partnered with Stripe - the world's leading online payment processor. The following tutorial gives you more details on the fees applied.

When creating your membership, you can choose between :

  • Fixed commissions
  • The tip system

Commissions: 1.3% with a minimum of 1.50€ per transaction (0.50€ per month). 

Example: On the 1st of September, I invite members to participate in a membership campaign at a rate of 100€. 

  • September 1st: 33.16€ (33.66€ - 0.50€)
  • October 1st: 33,16€ (33,66€ - 0,50€)
  • November 1st: 33.16€ (33.67€ - 0.50€) 

Tipping: Your club members will be able to tip on the first payment. 

SportEasy allows you to use the Collections feature without imposing a fee on your sport association. We offer your members the option of tipping us when they pay online.

They can choose not to tip, but in this case the Stripe fee will be paid in full by SportEasy. Without these tips, we lose money on every payment.

This is a risk we are willing to take to allow your association to use our service for free.


How do I keep track of my members' payments?

In the participants tab, find more details on the payments made by your members: 

  • Incoming: a member has made 1 or 2 payments out of the 3 due dates.
  • Paid: The member has made all 3 payments.
  • Failed: One of the 3 deadlines could not be paid in time.
  • Not paid: The member has not yet responded to your request. 


You can click on the member's profile to get more details on their payment deadlines. 

The right-hand side of the transaction record shows :

  • The first instalment as paid, with the payment method "Deferred - 1/3".
  • The other instalments to come as "To come", with the payment method "Deferred - X/3".
  • For an unsuccessful payment, there is no longer an amount in the columns "amount paid" and "amount collected".



How to follow up if a member forgets to pay?

Automatic reminders :

If a member of your club cannot pay one of the monthly payments, you will see the mention failure. A reminder will automatically be sent to this person so that they can rectify the situation. 

Manual reminders :

From the participant's file: when one of the instalments could not be paid, the status Failed appears. You can click on the whistle to send a reminder to your member.

The member will receive an email inviting him to make a new payment. 

You will also have the option of making a manual payment to settle the missed deadline. 

In the transaction table, the member's status will then be updated:

  • If this is the second due date, the member's status will change to incoming
  • If this is the third due date, the member's status will change to paid
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