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Collections : Manage payments in cash, cheque and others

As a Club administrator, I have just created my collections campaign, I have created my forms and I would now like to allow members to pay their fees without a bank card (in cash, cheque, or with a sports pass...).

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Enable / disable offline payments

First, access your campaign from the Dashboard or the Membership List.


When you are in the relevant campaign, simply click on Editing, then Payment to activate Offline Payments.

Finally, add a note (optional) to help your members make their payment.


  • Your members will then receive an invitation to participate in the membership campaign and will be able to choose their payment method.


View received payments

From the dashboard, go to the campaign of your choice and click on Participants


The Collected column shows the amount already paid offline by a member.

You can then get more details on these transactions:

  • Click on Capture_d_e_cran_2022-06-09_a__17.48.56.png to the right of the member concerned
  • Then on See Transactions



Register a payment received offline

One of your members has made an offline payment and you want this payment to be recorded in your dashboard?

  • The member can enter this information himself
  • You can complete this information

From the list of participants :

  • Click on Capture_d_e_cran_2022-06-09_a__17.48.56.png to the right of the member concerned
  • Then add a transaction manually


The information to be completed is :

  • The payment method : You can choose between the default means of payment (cash, cheque, bank transfer) or a personalised list (sport pass, regional pass, town hall grants, etc.).
    This personalised payment method will be kept in the personalised list.
  • The amount paid by the member
  • You can also add the information of your choice in the Description field


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