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Managing post match (stats, ratings, votes etc)

How do I enter the scores and stats of a match?

If you are a coach or a player-coach, you can enter all the stats of a match from the game sheet, by clicking on the sprocket in the upper right corner, then "Enter the stats" .

You can :

  • Enter the score, including details (examples: score of each set in volley, tests / transformations / penalties / drops in rugby, etc.)
  • Indicate if a team forfeited
  • Complete all player statistics (which of course depends on the sport: goals, tests ...)
  • Indicate the delays or absences of the players who were supposed to come.

Who can vote for the man of the match, rate the players and the match?

The goal is for everyone to participate! All players who participated in the match, and all coaches may:

  • Vote for the man of the match (the player who gets the most votes is designated man of the match, there may be a tie)
  • Rate the match between 1 and 6 stars (score of the game is the average of all ratings)
  • Give each player a score between 1 and 10 (a player's score is the average of all scores given to him).
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