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Assign tasks to players

🏆 Feature available in our PREMIUM or CLUB plan 🏆

SportEasy allows you to create and manage in a few clicks all the tasks necessary for the good functioning of your team: to organize the washing of the shirts, to manage the keys of your sports hall, Etc.

This feature is available only on our website (it will be added to our mobile apps in the coming months).


Here is a presentation in text and pictures.

1. Create, edit, and delete tasks

To create new tasks, go to the setting gear to the right of the main menu of your team's site and click on "Manage the tasks".

Then, click "Create a task".

You will be able to name the task and choose a suitable icon.


> Name and attach an icon to your tasks.

You can create as many tasks as you want. You can also edit and delete them from the same task settings page.


2. Assign a task to a player

Once the tasks have been created, you can assign them to one or more players on your team for all your events.

Going to your game sheet, you will find the action icon "Assign a task":


Click on this icon: you can choose the task to assign (or create a new one), select the player (s) responsible for this task, notify them by email of this assignment and add a personalized message to this email.


After confirming, the icon corresponding to the task will appear next to the designated players.



3. Unassign a task from a player

Want to relieve a player from his task? No worries, point your arrow on the icon associated with his name and click on the red cross to unassign the task.


You can also choose to notify the player concerned by email and attach a personalized message to this email.


 4. View history of chores assignment

You can consult the history of chores assignment from the "Attendance" tab on the website.


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