e.g. lineup, invite players, parents ...

Send a "message to the players"

You can send a "message to the players", for example to encourage your players or send them your latest instructions.

Click on theSend a message to players to send an important message to the group of your choice: the players invited, the players waiting to answer ...

The players concerned will receive an email containing your message.

The objective of this message is to transmit important information to your players before your event, so it is not visible after the event. 

You can also choose to display this message on the game sheet.


The players concerned will receive an email and a mobile notification containing your message. The message will also be visible to the players concerned on the game sheet, in the "Messages of the coach" section above the discussion forum of the match.



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    The notification on Android doesn't always bring you to the message if you are a member of multiple teams.

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