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Personal information privacy

You are a SportEasy user and have questions about the privacy of your personal data shared on our mobile app and/or website?

At SportEasy, we are particularly sensible to data protection issues, and have been since our inception in 2012, well before the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe.

Find out our answers to the most frequently asked questions on this subject:


What are SportEasy's data protection commitments?

As you are probably already aware, companies that offer online services on the Internet have two main ways of financing themselves:

  • Offer a free service, through which the user (you!) becomes the product. In this case, the company does not ask you to pay, and earns its living by exploiting your data, usually by displaying advertisements, or even by selling your personal data to third parties so that they can exploit them on their side and (re)target you with their own ads.
  • Offer a paid service, through which each user pays for his or her use. In this case, the company displays little or no advertising, and generally agrees not to sell your personal information to third parties.

At SportEasy, we take a hybrid approach in which our priority is to protect our users' data at all costs.

In particular, we recognize that team and club managers have a responsibility to protect their members' data. We are committed to helping you do this, without compromise.

We offer a :

  • BASIC plan (free of charge) for which the advertising is selected by us. No third parties have access to your data in this process, or at any other time. And we make sure that we only display ads that are relevant to amateur athletes.
  • PREMIUM or CLUB (paid) plan that any team or club manager can decide to buy for their sports organization.

Whether it is with a BASIC, PREMIUM or CLUB subscription, we guarantee that your data (and the data of all the members of your teams or clubs) are, and will never be, sold, accessed or used by third parties.

This is not that common in the software industry!

A large majority of free apps, offering services that claim to be similar to those of SportEasy (but which are in fact much less complete), put forward this free service as a key commercial argument. Be aware that if you use these tools, you will most likely be offering them your data, and that of your members

s_parateur_niveau_1.pngDo I have to provide personal information?

You are not required to provide any personal information other than your first and last name, email address and role in the team/club. These 4 pieces of information are required in order to create your account, and therefore use SportEasy.

However, we encourage you to fill out your user profile on SportEasy as your personal information is only visible to your team members. For example, entering your phone number will be very useful for your coach and teammates to get in touch with you.

Your personal information is only used to facilitate internal team/club management and communication.


Is my personal data protected?

Your data is 100% protected. Your personal information and profile pictures are only visible to the members of your team(s) or club(s). SportEasy has made a database management declaration to the CNIL (reference: "Nv90338073b"), the french public regulator for data protection online.


How does SportEasy apply the GDPR?

Our Data Privacy Policy outlines our commitments in relation to the GDPR.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Deletion of personal data: you can delete your account at any time and we do not keep any of your personal data.
  • Export of personal data: you can ask us to export your data at any time.
  • Use of personal data: we have never given any personal data to a third party, and we obviously never intend to do so.
  • Receiption of emails: Most of the SportEasy emails you receive are generated by coaches, players, and related to the use of the application. We generally send out a monthly newsletter.

Our team is continually working to strengthen the protection of your data, within the framework of the GDPR, to ensure that your user experience is always more secure and seamless.

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