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See the stats of the presences at the events

🏆 Feature available in our PREMIUM or CLUB plan 🏆

From the "Attendance" tab, you can access a summary page of the presences over the whole season, in other words a record of attendance of your players throughout the season. As for the event-by-event table, you can filter by event type, to analyze the record of trainings for example, as shown below.


If the event-by-event table allows you to focus on the latest events, this table really allows you to see in the blink of an eye who is always absent in training or always late to matches ... We all have someone like that in our teams!

It also allows you to justify certain decisions to your players or their parents in the case of the youth teams: for example showing the number of tardiness during training, it is much simpler to explain why a player wasn't called up to the game of the weekend ...


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