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Collections : Collecting payments for pre-orders

Generating additional revenue is one of the priorities of club managers.

In addition to your online shop, sales of products during tournaments or after matches, you can now use SportEasy to promote your club's products!

As a club admin, you can sell your own products (jerseys, goodies, equipment) to your members receive payments from your players.

For more details:


Manage pre-orders on SportEasy

From your club area, go to the Collections tab and choose Pre-order

  • Determine the type of product being marketed and specify the marketing date :


  • Determine the different tariffs for your products :


  • Customise your pre-order:

    • Add a description to your activity

    • Determine which notifications you want to receive as an admin


  • Finally, determine whether members can pay in several times and and the different payment methods accepted:



Track my members' payments

From the participants tab, follow the payments made by your members, send reminders and consult the completed forms



Are there any fees? 

In order to secure the payments made by your members, we use Stripe to manage these transactions, which charges 1.3% of the payments made. 

You can choose to pay this fee yourself or use our tipping system. 

Your members can choose not to leave anything, but in this case the Stripe fee will be paid in full by SportEasy. Without these tips, we lose money on every payment.

This is a risk we are willing to take to allow your association to use our service for free.

All the detailed explanations are in the following article: Collecting payments: How much does it cost for my club?

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