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Payment collections - Shopping cart: Choosing different events or pre-orders

As a member (or parent of a member) of a team or club using SportEasy, you can book events or order products from your club directly on our website. 

You can select different products at different prices via your shopping cart. 


For more details: 


Select multiple products at different prices 

  • For an event: Select the pricing that corresponds to you and indicate the number of participants you are paying for
  • For a pre-order: Select the product and size you wish to order  

You can't select a quantity of products over the limit set by your club.  



Events: Filling in contact details of participants

  • If you only choose one option, your contact details will automatically be uploaded 
  • If you choose multiple options, your profile will be uploaded but you must also fill in the contact information of the other participant

This allows you to sign your close friends and family up for events, who aren't members of the club. 



Pre-orders: Updating my shopping cart 

In your shopping cart, you are able to:

  • Delete products selected previously
  • Change the quantities 



Online and offline payments 

  • Online payments: You must fill in your bank card details you wish to pay with to confirm your order. Payments are secured by our partner Stripe

Tip: you can pay in installments! 

  • Offline payments: Choose from the payment methods accepted by your club (this might already be filled in by the club admin)

We don't take a transaction fee for using Stripe but we do pay for their service. To help us out, you can leave a tip whilst confirming your order!


Once the payment made, you will be able to download a bill.  

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