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Payment collections - Shopping cart: Offer different events or pre-orders in a fee collection

Only available for Events and Pre-orders

SportEasy allows club and team managers to collect payements via the Collection feature.

At checkout, your club members can choose from a variety of products and services highlighted in the  shopping cart.

For more details:


Setting up different products and prices 

As an admin, set up collections for Events or Pre-orders.


Limit the quantity available for each member: 

In the FEES tab, set up different rates for each product and service offered as well as the possibility to limit the quantity of products ordered by each member. 

Tip: This allows a member of your club to order multiple products at a time or to sign up their close friends who are not members to an even 😉


Payment tracking 

In the tab PARTICIPANTS, you will find a list of the members who have participated in the fee collection. 

  • If a member only chooses one option: the option is shown directly in the table  
  • If a member chooses multiple options: the different options will show in the table

You will also be able to track each members orders and payments directly on their profiles. 



Tracking offline payments 

1. A member has confirmed their choice and chosen offline payment

When a member confirms their order and indicates an offline payment, you can put it in the table of participants to keep it up-to-date. You will then be able to fill in the members profile with the amount paid as well as the payment method.  


2. A member hasn't confirmed their order on SportEasy 

It's possible for a member not to confirm their order on our app/website or just to let you know what they wish to order.

In this case, you can simply go onto their profile and fill in the products or services chosen. 



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