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Assign chores to players (mobile apps)

🏆 Feature available in our PREMIUM or CLUB plan 🏆

If you want to assign chores to players from our website, you can read this article.

If you want to assign chores to players from our mobile apps, you are at the right place!

What do you mean by assigning chores?

This feature allows team admins, coachs and player-coachs to assign a chore to one player, or more, for a specific event.

For example: laundry the jerseys, bring bottles of water to the next training, etc.

** The following screenshots are based on our iPhone app. But no worries, it's just as easy on our Android app **

Create a chore

In order to create a chore to be assigned, go to any event page and click on the parameters icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Then, just:

  • click on 'Assign a task'
  • click on 'Choose type'
  • the '+' icon on the next page is the way to go for creating a new chore
  • name the chore and select a dedicated icon

Image_from_iOS__8_.png  Image_from_iOS__7_.png

Assign a chore

Let's go back to the screen where you can 'Assign a chore'. Just click on the 'choose type' field.

Then choose the chore and the player you want to assign this chore to.

Note that the player must be invited to the event, in order to be able to assign a chore to him.

Image_from_iOS__6_.png  Image_from_iOS__5_.png

Also note that you can assign the same chore to various players for the same event.

The player(s) will receive a notification about the chore.

Unassign a chore

Once a chore assigned you can view it on the 'Info' and 'Players' tabs of the event.

You've made a mistake and would like to unassigna chore?

Just click on the chore, on either of these tabs.

Image_from_iOS__3_.png Image_from_iOS__2_.png Image_from_iOS__1_.png

Once the chore unassigned, the player will receive a notification.

Delete/edit a chore

In order to delete or edit a chore, just go to the 'list of chores' and click on the parameters icon related to the chore.

Image_from_iOS.png Image_from_iOS.jpg

Warning: Deleting a chore also deletes all the assignment history of this chore. 

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