e.g. lineup, invite players, parents ...

Tutorial: Manager

Dear Managers, here's how to start on SportEasy Club!

STEP 1 :
Communicate within your club about how to use SportEasy! We are providing you with a SportEasy presentation page suitable for coaches, parents or players: send this document by email, or distribute it at a meeting or at the end of a training session.

STEP 2 :
Be sure to create all your teams on your club interface. To do this, ask us to transfer existing teams, or create teams from an Excel file. Or, create each team manually.



Invite all your coaches:
- either from the members of each team
- or from the club's members (you can then assign them to the right team).



Invite players and parents who are not already members of the club on SportEasy. Then assign them to the right team, or let the coaches add them manually to each of their teams.


And there you go, you are ready to use SportEasy! But don't forget, if you have any questions, consult our FAQ or contact us by clicking on the help tab on the site.


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