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Parents: Manage your child's account

Parents: you will soon be able to manage your child's account on the Iphone application.

You are amongst many parents managing your child's account on SportEasy.

For this you, or your child's coach, have added your parent information on your child's profile.

But you can not access your child's information from the SportEasy application for Iphone.

This is normal !

The functionality of managing the account of a child by a parent is not yet available on the iPhone application.

Our new application will allow you to connect to your child's account from your iPhone.

In the meantime, you have two solutions:

  1. You can manage your child's account from your iPhone, directly on the SportEasy site from your Safari browser.
  2. You can fill in your parent email address in place of your child's email address from his or her profile (as shown below).



Do not do a second editing if your parent email has been used to manage your personal account (player / coach) on SportEasy. Whether you are a member of the team, the club, your child or not.

In this case it is better to limit yourself to the first solution: to use SportEasy on your Safari browser while waiting for the update of the application for Iphone.

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