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SMS Notifications

🏆 Feature available in our PREMIUM or CLUB plan 🏆

We give priority to mobile apps (iPhone and Android), which are free and allow the sending of push notifications to all those who download it (free notifications also). Indeed, a player who receives a convocation by push notification can directly click on it and respond via the app, which is really handy.

But you can now send SMS invitation to events, from the app (only available on Android - for now).

You just need to:

  • open the registration to the event by sending the invitation as a push notification, first
  • send the SMS invitation to all players with the "Awaiting reply" status

You can only send SMS invitations to players (or parents) with phone numbers linked to their profiles on SportEasy.

The SMS will be sent from your phone, using your phone credits.

The idea is to send SMS messages only to players without email address, or who do not look at their emails and do not have the mobile app (again, push notifications are more convenient because they allow you respond directly in the App).


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