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Manage your members over several seasons

The management of the members, over one or several seasons, is reserved for coaches and administrators.

Season change

As the season approaches, an email is sent to the coaches and team administrators (see below), and a banner is displayed on the SportEasy website to encourage them to create their new season and their new members.



  • 1st case: automatic creation

If no action is taken, a new season is created automatically after the end of your current season, with the same number of players. The coaches and admins can of course modify it.

  • 2nd case: manual creation

To manually create your new season, click 'Settings' (sprocket to the right of the main menu) > 'Manage seasons' > 'All season roster'.

You can then create a season by clicking on "Edit seasons". When you create the new season, your players of the past season are automatically copied and pasted into the new season, you can modify them later (see below).

Modify multiple seasons

To change the members of a season according to the previous one, for example, it may be interesting to have a global view of your members over several seasons. To access the list of your multi-season squad, click on 'Settings' (sprocket to the right of the main menu of the team) > 'Manage seasons' > 'All season roster'.

Click on 'Edit all season roster' to change the role of members for a given season (coach, player-coach, player, casual player, friend) or delete members of a season. You can also copy and paste the previous season by clicking on the icon at the top of the column.

Do not forget to click on "Apply changes" at the top or at the bottom of the page!


Change the members of a given season

To change the members of a given season, click on "Members" > "Team roster" from the main team menu. You can then modify the entire membership table or click on a specific member and change his profile.

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