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Create and set up a fee collection

Creating and setting up a fee collection, how does it work?

There is now a new "fee collection" tab to the right of the main menu of the team. Click on "fee collection > Create team fee" and enter the associated information.


Your fee collection is then created, in "draft" mode (nobody can pay for the moment). All you have to do now is in two simple steps before you start the invitations:

  1. Select the members involved in the collection
  2. Enter the information you need to receive the funds.

The first takes a few seconds, just click on "Add Participants" and check the members concerned:


Tip : You can choose the amount due when you add players to the collection. For example, if your members do not all benefit from the same rate, you can initially invite Tier 1 members and those with Tier 2. You can also change the amount owed by each participant later.

The second consists of entering the information needed to receive the funds:

  • Information about the association and its legal representative
  • Banking information (see below - explanations are of course provided)


That's all ! All you have to do is invite the participants to pay. They then receive an email like this one ...


... and only have to click in the email to pay online in 1 minute.


Online payments made by the members are automatically transferred to the account in which you have indicated in your profile.

By returning to the fee collection page (Fee collection > List of team fees > Collection concerned), you will have a complete follow-up of the payments made. Note that you can remind players who have not yet paid (a reminder icon in the action menu) in a single click or remind a specific player by hovering over the player's name.


Are there only annual fee collections? Not at all !

Receiving your players' annual fees and tracking who has paid has become so easy. But that's not all: you have ...

  • ... bought a set of jerseys?
  • ... rented a soccer field?
  • ... paid too many tours?
  • ... advanced to the premium subscription SportEasy for your team? ;)

You can collect player fees for all these situations and many more! It's just as simple:

  1. Create fee collection
  2. Invite the participants
  3. Follow their payments.

Ultra-secure payments

Payments made by members of your team / club are fully secured. They are managed by our partner Stripe, one of the world's leading online payment providers. Stripe works with renowned platforms such as the social network Twitter, the crowdfunding platform KickStarter or the English newspaper The Guardian.

Are there any charges?

There is no charge for setting up our payment collection solution.

At the time of payment of a member, there are, like for all online payments, bank and management fees, depending on your country. It is quite transparent on our interface, as you will see from the creation of the subscription:

So you have complete freedom over the amount that each member pays or the amount you get as an association.

And most importantly, you will gain a lot, a lot of time!

Who has access to this feature?

No matter your version (free or premium), you have access to this contribution management feature. Enjoy!

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