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Create multiple team compositions for the same match

The multi-composition: requested, developed

Ice hockey lines? Defensive and offensive in US football? A lot of you were telling us that a single team composition on your game sheet was not enough. That's why we've created a multi-mode on SportEasy!

How it works ?

Click on Lineup then on Add Lineup on the game sheet. Be careful, this action appears only if you are coach, player-coach or admin of the team concerned.

You will then see that you can name your lineup and add another, as in the example below for a soccer match.


You can then add as many lineups as you want, or delete them.

Be sure to click on Validate changes at the top or bottom of the page to save all the composes you have created or modified.

They will then be visible on the game sheet and you will be able to switch from one to the other using the drop-down menu above the field.

A feature for all sports

We opted for this multi-composition mode because it can be applied to many sports, for example:

  • Lines in ice hockey or roller hockey
  • The defensive positions and the order of batting in baseball
  • Changes made during the match, football or rugby
  • The offensive and defensive tactics for each phase of game in US football

is the lineup module still not suitable for your sport? Or maybe your favorite tactic is not on SportEasy? Contact us to explain this!



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