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How to manage your whole club on SportEasy?

SportEasy Club Version 

If you are managing a sports club of different teams, you absolutely need the SportEasy Club Version from which you will be able to manage all of your teams, from the same interface. 

This Club Version allows you to better manage your squad through: 

  • coachs and players affectations to one or more teams 
  • overall picture of your club squad 
  • players transfers during the season change (mainly for young categories) 

For example, you will thus be able to follow the evolution of a young player among different categories & seasons. 

But this Club Version will also helps you to communicate with all the members of your club and see all the information you need from one interface. You should also know that we will soon give the opportunity to create global events and have global schedules and results sheets. 

Finally, note that you can create as many team as you want on SportEasy Club and that they all are under the Premium subscription. This means that you have access to all the functions of SportEasy for every team. 


You are a club manager and you may be interested by SportEasy Club? 



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