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Create a season

Manual season creation 

To create a season on SportEasy (new or passed) you need to be an admin or at least a coach of that team. 

Go to the sprocket of your team's menu and click on "Manage seasons > Season list".
Then click on "Edit the seasons" and choose between "Add the next season" or "Add the previous season".
Finally you will have to enter the information (name, dates...). 


Note that the seasons need to be linked: if your current season end is on July 31st, the future one will start on August 1st. 


Automatic creation of a new season 

If you don't create a new season and arrive at the term of the current one, the following season will be automatically created. SportEasy will take the same period and will copy all the members. 

You will be alerted of this automatic creation a few days before by email and you will also see an announcement headband appear on the website. 


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