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Change the payment card used by your team

To make your life easier, the renewal of your SportEasy subscription is done automatically, via a debit on the credit card used during the last payment validated on our site by your team.

You also receive emails during the 30 days preceding this renewal, to warn you that the debit will be done automatically.

If the admin whose bank card is used decides to leave the team, or if you simply want the payment to be made on another bank card, you can directly change the card on SportEasy.

To change your credit card, go to:

  • the settings gear, from the main menu of the team (on the website only)
  • then on "Manage my subscription"
  • and on the tab "Payment method"
  • finally, click on "Change card" and follow the instructions



  • The credit card change does not trigger the prepayment of the next subscription period
  • This tab "Payment method" is visible only by Team Admins
  • Credit card information is encrypted and can not be used without cardholder validation


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