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Multiple payments

It is not yet possible to set up a collection so that payments can be done automatically in several installments.

On the other hand, you can create several collections, and invite your members to each new collection on a given date for payment.

See how to create a collection.

For example :

You want to collect 100 € in 4 installments for the payment of the contributions.

Payments of 25 € must be made monthly between September and December.

Just create 4 collections of 25 €:

  • 1st Payment - September 
  • 2nd Payment - October 
  • 3rd Payment - November 
  • 4th Payment - December 

You will send payment requests, from each collection, at the beginning of each month to each member of the team. 

It's very quick to set up, and will save you from running after checks for 4 months.

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