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Transfer players from one team to another in your club

🏆 Feature available in our CLUB plan 🏆

As an admin of your club on SportEasy, you have the possibility to transfer your players, your coaches, or any other type of member from one team to another. 

This option is particularly useful:  

  • for the changing of seasons (eg a player of team 2 is promoted in team 1)
  • for the changing of age category (eg: to promote the U12 players to the U13 team)
  • to manage shared club events and shared messages in a single team

This will prevent you from manually entering all the information of the member into his/her new team.


1) Select the players from the club members list (you can filter the team of your choice) and click on "Transfer to a team": 


2) Select the team in which you want to transfer the members, as well as the role you want to give them in this new team, then validate at the bottom of the page:


3) Go to your team to see that your members have been transferred to the team.


Transferred members are not automatically deleted from the original team. So you have to go to the original team to remove them manually.

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