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Send a message to all club members

🏆 Feature available in our CLUB plan 🏆

You would have noticed that in the current version of SportEasy CLUB, you don't yet have access to a centralised messaging system to send messages to all of your club members at the same time. 

This feature will be released in the coming months. 

But before then, there is a solution for you to send this contact them, without having to create the message individually in each team.

Simply create a team, invite all members, and use the team's messaging system to create a new thread.

Here's how to do it in detail (if you have not already created this type of team):

  • CREATE A NEW TEAM in your club, (from the list of your teams):
    Give it the name you want, keeping in mind that this team will communicate with all members of the club.

Here are some ideas for names for this team: Members, The whole club, ...


  • ASSIGN ALL CLUB MEMBERS to this new team:
    Go to the "Members" tab of the club management menu, select the check box to select all members, and click the "Transfer to a team" button.



On the next page, specify the team in which you want to assign the previously selected members.


  • USE THIS TEAM'S MESSAGING to contact all your members at the same time:

Simply go to the team and send a new message from the "Messages" tab by selecting the recipients you want to contact from the list of all members of your club. 



Messages sent through this channel will only appear in this team's mailbox. To view the messages, members will need to visit this team.


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